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Statements of Support

"Harley Rouda represents the best choice to move California's 48th Congressional District forward. I am endorsing Harley for Congress because I know he will work to protect and expand healthcare access, fight for increased funding for Planned Parenthood, and be an effective leader for the women and men of Orange County."

—House Democratic Caucus Vice Chair and Congresswoman Linda Sanchez

"Harley Rouda is the real deal. He's got a dynamic background as a technology and business entrepreneur and has proven himself as a leader who is dedicated to standing up and fighting for the working families of Orange County. I know he'll work hard to strengthen and grow our middle class economy by investing more in job-training, infrastructure improvements and clean energy technology to protect our air and water, while creating local jobs at the same time. I'm pleased to endorse Harley Rouda for Congress."

— Congressman Lou Correa

"Harley Rouda has the experience, skills and vision that we need to move Orange County forward. That's why I'm proud to endorse his campaign for California's 48th Congressional District. I am fully confident that Harley will be an effective and solutions-driven leader who will put Orange County's working families first, from making higher education more accessible to promoting apprenticeships, and fighting to ensure that everyone has the healthcare coverage they need. I'm with Harley 100%."

— Congressman Alan Lowenthal

“After carefully studying the data and the candidates in the race, I enthusiastically endorse Harley Rouda for Congress.  It’s important to keep the focus on our goal: defeat Dana Rohrabacher and take the House majority. Harley has the best chance to win.  And he’s right on the issues. He’s excited Orange County’s grassroots activists with his stands on healthcare, the environment, the fight against gun violence and women’s rights. With California’s top two primary, voters need to coalesce behind one Democrat to prevent Republicans from shutting Democrats out of the general election.  Harley Rouda is our best Democratic choice to win the 48th Congressional District.”

— Congresswoman and CA Democratic Congressional Delegation Chair Zoe Lofgren

“Harley Rouda will bring just what we need to Washington: He’ll work to expand access to health care, defend planned parenthood, and invest in clean technology like wind and solar. We need more common sense leaders in Congress to deliver for California, and as a businessman and tech entrepreneur, Harley Rouda is just that person. I’m proud to endorse Harley Rouda for Congress.”

— Congressman Pete Aguilar

“Harley Rouda is unequivocally the best choice for Democrats in the 48th District. He’s worked tirelessly to have the clear support of grassroots activists, having won every Indivisible debate straw poll, and has both the passion and policy savvy to get things done in Washington. Harley will be a dedicated defender of the environment, fighting to protect California’s coastline and promote clean renewable energies, while also ensuring more funding for local schools, and passing tough gun safety laws. I’m excited to help Harley take down Dana Rohrabacher, and look forward to helping him throughout his campaign.”

—Congressman Jared Huffman

“I’m thrilled to endorse Harley Rouda for Congress. His background, drive, and connection to grassroots activists make him the candidate best equipped to fight back against Donald Trump and flip the 48th District. Harley will put Orange County families first, fighting for long-term, middle class job growth, more investments in renewable energies and public education, and to ensure that everyone has the healthcare coverage they need.”

—Congressman Brad Sherman

"Harley Rouda will move Orange County's interests forward in Washington, DC. I am proud to stand with thousands of grassroots activists, my friends in Labor and elected officials across Orange County and endorse Harley because I know he will work to expand access to health care, invest more in renewable energy like wind and solar, and he will work to create more good paying middle class jobs right here in Southern California. Having represented Orange County for 20 years, I believe Harley understands our needs and dreams in Orange County. More telling, most of the local elected officials believe this about Harley also. I stand with them to endorse Harley Rouda."

—Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez (ret.)

“Harley Rouda represents the best choice to flip the 48th District from red to blue. He has both a deep understanding of the issues, as well as the courage and determination needed to stand up to Dana Rohrabacher. I am hoping all local activists, the majority of whom have been split between supporting myself or Harley, can now unite into one mighty force, and we can work together to get Dana out. I am calling on all 6 other Democratic candidates to do the same; this is not about any one of us. This is about all of us.

"I know Harley will be a strong and effective leader working to move us forward, from protecting our pristine coastline to fighting for Medicare for ALL, to tackling gun violence, to investing more in renewable energy like wind and solar and working to create more good-paying jobs. Orange County residents need a Congressman who will work hard for them, and after campaigning alongside him for over a year now, I am confident Harley is the right person for the job.”

—Former CA-48 candidate Laura Oatman

“Although I believe each Democratic candidate could represent our community well, I will be supporting Harley Rouda. Harley has shown a consistent commitment to building support from the community-up and continues to gain momentum- and momentum wins races."

— Former CA-48 candidate Michael Kotick

"Instead of taking healthcare away — we should expand it. That’s why the California’s Nurses Association trust Harley Rouda to move us forward. In Congress, Harley will fight to make healthcare a right for everyone; expand access to women’s health, reproductive rights and preventative care; lower prescription drug prices; and pass Medicare for All. By sending Harley Rouda to Washington, Orange County can help move America forward — for all of us."

— California Nurses Association/ National Nurses United

“The California Labor Federation is proud to endorse Harley Rouda for Congress. He is the best choice for working people because he’ll fight for livable wages, good-paying jobs, protections for workers’ rights and immigrants, more investments in infrastructure projects, and quality, affordable health care for our families. We can count on Harley to strongly resist Donald Trump's anti-worker agenda and move Orange County forward."

— California Labor Federation Executive Secretary-Treasurer Art Pulaski

"Indivisible OC 48 worked over the past four months to educate our voters through our issue debate series and to ensure that they could make an educated decision about which candidate best reflects our values and has grassroots support. That candidate is Harley Rouda."

— Indivisible OC 48's Sara Lowell

“Equality California is proud to endorse Harley Rouda for Congress because we’re confident that he will be a bold, loyal and dedicated leader on behalf of the LGBTQ community, working to tear down barriers and ensure equality for all. Harley is a tried and true progressive and represents the best choice to flip California’s 48th District blue.”

— Equality California Executive Director Rick Zbur

“Harley Rouda earned our endorsement because he supports mandatory background checks for all gun purchases, restrictions on the sale and ownership of assault weapons, large-capacity magazines and bumpstocks, and empowering the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to analyze data on gun violence, As a founding member of the Human Rights Watch chapter in his district and a supporter of the Equality Act, Rouda has demonstrated his commitment to protecting the LGBTQ community from hate and discrimination. We’re proud to stand with Rouda and his campaign for Congress, and we look forward to working with him once he’s elected."

— Pride Fund to End Gun Violence Communications Director Taylor Houston

“The working men and women of IBEW Local 441 are thrilled to announce our strong endorsement of Harley Rouda’s campaign for Congress. He’s got a pro-jobs, pro-worker, pro-middle class agenda for Washington and that’s precisely what need more of in Congress. We are confident that Harley is the best choice for working people because he’ll push hard for livable wages, local hire, more investments in infrastructure projects that create good paying jobs and universal healthcare coverage. We’re proud to stand with Harley.”

—Richard Samaniego, Business Manager, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 441

“The members of LiUNA are backing Harley Rouda for Congress because we know we can count on him to be a champion for working families. With so much at stake in this country, whether it's ensuring that workers have a voice in the workplace, giving working families a pathway to the middle class, or fighting for Medicare for All, working men and women need leaders we can count on to stand up and fight for us. We’re with Harley 100%, and look forward to helping him get elected.” 

— LiUNA Local 652

“The United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers are proud to endorse Harley Rouda because we are confident that he will fight for working families in Congress. We know our members can count on him because he's shown a commitment to the creation of family-sustaining jobs as well as the labor movement, and social and economic justice causes. He's backed protections for workers' rights, universal healthcare, and safe and secure retirement benefits. We need Harley’s drive, abilities and middle class priorities in Congress, and were excited to help him in his campaign.”

— United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers Local 220

“Glad to endorse Harley’s candidacy for Congress."

— Erwin Chemerinsky, founder of the University of California (UC) Irvine Law School and current University of California (UC) Berkeley Law School Dean

“With it being a true benefit for our county, state, and nation having Harley Rouda a member of Congress, I endorse him to the nth degree!! His focus is very much about working for all our citizens and their ages regarding what they need and when they should need it!! Every different element from the environment and education to a living wage and to have healthcare, Harley Rouda will be voting for what should be done at every time and place regarding our citizens benefits. We must have a congressman who will reside in a manner that upgrades each aspect of the United States for all races, ethnicities and genders in a truly focused way!! With all that being said, we very much will receive a resource in every way, shape, and form with him being elected!!”

—Centralia School District Board of Trustee- Steve Harris, M.ED

“I’m proud to endorse Harley Rouda for Congress because I know he’ll work to bring common sense and progress to Washington. He’ll fight to increase investments in our local neighborhood schools, while advocating for tough environmental protections to safeguard the future for California’s children. I know that he will work to make access to higher education more accessible for all. We need a major overhaul in Washington and it begins right here in the 48th District with Harley Rouda. He is the best candidate to bring the bold change we need.”

— Ocean View School District Board Trustee Gina Clayton-Tarvin

“Orange County Democrats need to put up the strongest, most viable and best candidate possible if we’re going to have any chance to flip the 48th District red-to-blue. I’ve just described a few of the reasons why I’m proud to give my wholehearted support to Harley Rouda for Congress. He’s clearly not a politician or someone who has played the political chessboard throughout his career. Frankly, that’s refreshing and exactly what we, as Orange County Democrats, need in order to be as competitive as possible in the 2018 election. I’m spoken with Harley and believe that he’ll be a champion for the environment, for women’s reproductive healthcare, for pay equality, compassionate immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship, for working people, livable wages, and against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act as well as off-shore oil drilling. Harley’s got my strong support and I encourage all Orange County Democrats to join me in backing his campaign for Congress.”

— Orange County Democratic Party Chair Frank Barbaro (Ret.)

“We need more common sense, problem-solving leaders in Washington, and I believe Harley Rouda embodies these qualities and more. His wide-ranging background in business combined with his vision for a Congress that works to find solutions to key issues, like tackling climate change, creating more good paying middle class jobs, advancing equality and improving peoples’ quality of life represents exactly what we need more of from our representatives in the House of Representatives. For these reasons I’m pleased to give Harley Rouda my endorsement of his campaign for Congress.”

— California Attorney General Bill Lockyer (Ret)

“The status quo in Washington isn’t working. The ongoing dysfunction and mayhem is leading to more politics and less problem-solving. It’s time for a change that begins right here in the 48th District, and that’s exactly why I’m proud to strongly endorse businessman Harley Rouda for Congress. Harley is the real deal. He’s solutions-driven, tenacious and a fearless leader, who no doubt will put people first and politics last. We need his pragmatism and his abilities to generate consensus working on behalf of the great people of Orange County so that we can finally get things done in Washington. I’m with Harley 100%.”

— Laguna Beach Mayor Toni Iseman

“I’m endorsing Harley Rouda because I know he’ll bring common sense, inclusivity, and progress to Washington for the people of our district. He’s smart and has a vision for Washington that we need- more investments in clean energy, education, job-training, increased access to healthcare, comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship and stronger alliances with our allies abroad. I know he will make us proud as our Congressman from the 48th district.”

— Laguna Beach Democratic Club President Dr. Gary LeFebvre*

“I met with Harley Rouda and believe he’ll be a true champion for working people. He supports livable wages, protections for workers’ rights and he understands that the debate about climate change is over and that it’s critical we address this issue head on. Harley also recognizes that the Affordable Care Act should be protected and enhanced, because while it might not be perfect, it was nonetheless groundbreaking and extended access and healthcare coverage to millions of Americans who otherwise wouldn’t have had it. Furthermore, Harley is a steadfast supporter of protecting Medicare and Social Security and keeping the promises made to our seniors. For far too long, Orange County’s 48th District has been represented by an extremist. We are proud to endorse Harley Rouda for Congress because we know he’ll bring common sense and progress to Washington for workers and all the people of the 48th District.”

— Robert Smith, Political Director for the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) District Council 36

“As friends of Harley and Kaira Rouda for six years we are 100% behind Harley’s candidacy for the 48th Congressional District. When Harley first sat down with us and shared his plan to declare his run against Dana Rohrabacher, we were absolutely thrilled. In this acrimonious and divisive time in U.S. politics, Harley is the common sense type of individual that we need to represent the 48th in Washington. Harley is intelligent, thoughtful, and a methodical critical thinker. He will be a committed civil servant that will welcome feedback and provide access to his constituents. As a surfing family who’s deep connection to the ocean and to coastal living (since the early 70’s), we vehemently believe in Harley’s stance on preserving our California coast and in his progressive environmental agenda. We strongly support and endorse Harley Rouda for the 48th Congressional District. Out with Rohrobacher in with Rouda!!”

— Gary and Carol Crane, Newport Beach

“The current state of politics requires a major makeover. We cannot sit back and watch our government disintegrate, and simply complain about it. I’ve gotten to know Harley Rouda, and am excited about what I see. He represents all the good qualities of an outsider with a successful business career without the negatives that have us all questioning whether that really is where our future leaders reside. Harley is smart, compassionate, committed to serving others before himself and willing to listen and continue to learn. As a retired corporate CEO and having served on the Boards of public companies and non profit organizations, I have seen and evaluated talent more times than I can count. Harley exhibits precisely the qualities that spell success. He has my full support in his quest to unseat Dana Rohrabacher and appropriately represent the 48th Congressional District.”

— Jon Firestone, Laguna Beach

“It didn’t take me long to know that Harley represents the change we need in Washington to redirect our country from its current path. His combination of humanism with fiscal responsibility and common sense are precisely what we need to right the ship.”

— Saul Pinto, Laguna Beach

“We must defeat Dana Rohrabacher and take back the House in 2018! Harley Rouda is our man to do this and I am proud to give him my endorsement. Harley Rouda has the right values and will fight for us in DC. He believes in science, will protect our environment, fight for quality public education, affordable health care and protect human rights including a woman’s right to make her own reproductive decisions and all people’s right to marry those they love. I know Harley personally, he is a man of his word, has a wonderful family and works hard to create the kind of world we want for future generations. He cares, he listens and he is smart.

— Rita Conn, Laguna Beach

“Harley is the positive change in leadership that we so desperately need. Harley IS Orange County.”

–Donna Piskun, Laguna Beach


Washington is in desperate need of real, meaningful, and lasting change.
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