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Jan 18, 2019

This month, we showed up to Washington, DC eager to get to work. Instead, progress is being sidelined by reckless partisanship and a government shutdown.

We are witnessing a callous disregard of the financial impact this takes on American families: the typical worker has missed $5,000 in pay during the shutdown thus far.

Every moment this continues, the numbers climb. Leaving the most vulnerable populations to bear the real burden of partisan bickering.

Working families are struggling to put food on the table, dipping into college savings or turning to food banks.

There is a pointed impact on communities built around federal organizations — consider the small businesses that serve US Coast Guard bases or those catering to National Park tourists.

As a nation, we will be dealing with the fallout of this political ploy long after the government reopens.

Economic innovation is stalled as small businesses aren’t getting loans, and the large privately held ones can’t go public.

Experts warn that the shutdown could cut U.S. economic growth by an entire percentage point.

The longer this continues, the greater the toll in consumer and business confidence — two things that shape an economy.

It’s well past time to get everyone back in business.