Rouda Campaign Blasts Michelle Steel's Silence, Refusal to Put Country Over Party

Congressman Rouda Calls on Steel to Condemn Trump’s Disgraceful Comments About Our Troops

Sep 04, 2020

LAGUNA BEACH, CA — Today, Congressman Harley Rouda’s re-election campaign called on his opponent, Michelle Steel, to condemn Donald Trump’s shameful comments disparaging fallen American soldiers as “losers” and “suckers.”

Congressman Rouda released the following statement:

“President Trump referred to our fallen soldiers, those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation, as “losers.” Republican, Democrat, or Independent — we all should be ashamed of these reprehensible comments from our Commander in Chief. Orange County military families deserve reverence and respect.”

Harley for Congress Campaign Manager Alyssa Napuri also commented:

“Time and time again, Michelle Steel has refused to put County over Party and stand up to President Trump. Her failure to condemn Trump’s disgraceful comments makes her disrespect of our military families and Veterans clear.

When it comes to serving our troops, the facts speak for themselves. Congressman Harley Rouda has voted to raise armed service pay, clean up toxic chemicals on military bases, and fix lapses in health care coverage for active-duty soldiers and their families. Michelle Steel has failed to fully fund and staff the Orange County Veterans Service Office.”