Orange County’s Most Corrupt Politician Again Injects Campaign With Money From Taxpayer-Funded Salary

Michelle Steel Continues to Power Campaign With Taxpayer Money

Oct 19, 2020

LAGUNA BEACH, CA —According to financial reports made available last week, Orange County Chairwoman Michelle Steel poured another $500,000 of her own money into her campaign for Congress, bringing her total personal contributions to her campaign up to $1,729,107.20. As an elected official for Orange County from 2007-2018, Steel made $1,705,971.41 from her taxpayer-funded salaries.

Reacting to the news, Harley for Congress Campaign Manager Alyssa Napuri released the following statement:

“Orange County’s most corrupt politician, Michelle Steel, is peddling lies about Congressman Harley Rouda’s taxes while funneling her taxpayer-funded salary into a political campaign. Michelle Steel’s hypocrisy is staggering, but all too predictable. Voters see through her corruption and the curious coincidence of contributing $1,729,107.20 to her campaign after collecting $1,705,971.41 from taxpayers.

Orange County needs a leader, like Congressman Harley Rouda, who has fought tirelessly to root out waste, fraud, and the abuse of our tax dollars. Washington doesn’t need another corrupt politician, like Michelle Steel.”

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