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Tabulation Update

Jun 07, 2018

I need to give everyone a quick update as the registrar continues to count votes.

There appears to be approximately 110,000 total votes counted so far.

While the elections team can’t yet give us exact numbers, it means there could be around 57,000 more votes to count in our district.

We expect as absentee ballots that were actually mailed via postal service are tabulated, they will track much of the early voting reports we saw Tuesday evening – people who voted early favored Keirstead. So, since those will be tabulated first, there is a good chance that the spread will move in his favor later today.

Starting on Friday the absentee ballots that were turned in on election day are counted, which will continue into next week in all likelihood, and we expect to see that voting trend to follow what we saw on election day – the margins running in our favor. And we believe that will carry us over the finish line to victory.

This process will take, in all likelihood, one or two weeks to finalize. Even then, there could be a challenge to the results.

We’re building a team to ensure that every vote is counted. This is expensive, Saba. We’ve started a separate fund to deal with this. Chip in today and help us prepare.

So, as difficult as it is to do, all of us must be patient and allow our public servants an opportunity to do their job. Let’s stay positive – it is what has carried us all along.

We’ve got a powerful grassroots base. A little goes a long way when Orange County stands together.

We are very optimistic that we will end up facing Dana Rohrabacher in November. But regardless, a Democrat will be in the General in November and together we will march towards victory!