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Congressman Harley Rouda Calls Out Michelle Steel for Repeatedly Dodging Debate

Oct 08, 2020

LAGUNA BEACH, CA — After repeated requests to join Congressman Harley Rouda in a debate, Michelle Steel has refused to answer Orange County families and small business owners’ questions. Today, President Donald Trump, an ally of Michelle Steel, announced he would not participate in a town-hall debate.

Reflecting on his opponent’s failure to publicly debate the issues that matter most to Orange County families, Congressman Rouda remarked:

“Orange County deserves a Representative who can defend their record and answer tough questions. Not only has Michelle Steel rejected my requests to debate, but she has also turned down invitations from local news agencies, veterans groups, and non-partisan community organizations. Michelle Steel’s refusal to participate in debates, a cornerstone of democracy, is shameful.”

Harley for Congress Campaign Manager Alyssa Napuri also commented:

“Michelle Steel refuses to answer questions from Orange County families and small business owners. It begs the question, what is she hiding? Why is she so adamantly opposed to answering questions about her record? How does she think so little of the residents she is attempting to serve? Orange County deserves better.”