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Michelle Steel Attends ANOTHER COVID-19 Superspreader with No Masks and No Social Distancing

Oct 26, 2020

LAGUNA BEACH, CA — After yesterday’s astonishing photos of Michelle Steel attending an indoor fundraiser with no masks and no social distancing, new photos came to light showing Michelle Steel at ANOTHER superspreader event. Michelle Steel attended an indoor speaking event with right-wing activist Charlie Kirk on October 20th.

Congressman Harley Rouda issued the following statement reacting to the event:

“As Orange County’s top official, Michelle Steel violated public health orders to attend multiple COVID-19 superspreader events. Under her leadership, Orange County residents have lost their lives and livelihoods during the coronavirus crisis. Michelle Steel’s blatant disregard for the health, safety, and economic security of the community she supposedly serves is sickening.

Orange County families buried their loved ones alone. Grandparents watched their grandchildren be married over Zoom. Students celebrated their graduations with zero pomp and circumstance. Our community has sacrificed to protect public health and help our economy.

Michelle Steel’s actions have made clear that she will not serve California’s 48th district — she will only serve herself.”

Additionally, in a desperate attempt to deflect from Steel’s dangerous actions, a spokesperson for the National Republican Congressional Committee shared a picture from January of Congressman Rouda with supporters without a mask. Despite being corrected, the NRCC spokesperson has yet to take down her misinformation.

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