Orange County’s Most Corrupt Politician Spent Final Days in Office Pushing Through Mega-Donor’s Purchase of Public Land


Apr 28, 2021

Newport Beach – Today, the Voice of OC exposed one of Michelle Steel’s most egregious examples of corruption during her final days as Supervisor: pushing through the sale of public land to one of her biggest donors.

“Getting access to public lands in Orange County can be a complicated and long-drawn process for residents and community leaders trying to build, say, a public park or a community garden. But for one Newport Beach political donor, the process seems to have moved much smoother and quicker…

Campaign finance data shows [Buck] Johns has been a donor to elected officials like former supervisor and current Republican Congresswoman Michelle Steel, who helped move forward with the process after Johns contacted her last year, according to county staff and Supervisor Katrina Foley, who got elected to the seat when Steel won a seat in Congress…

The deal had raised red flags for Foley, who pulled the purchase proposal from the board’s last April 13 meeting and continued it to a later date… ‘I’ve since learned that then-Supervisor Michelle Steel initiated the process at Mr. John’s request and staff went about processing the request,’ Foley said.”

Congressman Harley Rouda released the following statement reacting to the news:

“Michelle Steel fast tracking the sale of our public land to one of her mega donors during her final days as Supervisor proves what we always knew: Steel puts her donors first and Orange County families last.”


California’s 48th district is poised to be the most critical battleground of 2022.
As the only Democrat proven capable of flipping this seat, Harley Rouda is already in a strong position to win.
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