Despite the growing impact on OC water supply, Michelle Steel votes against clean water standards for Orange County families


Jul 22, 2021

Newport Beach – Yesterday, Michelle Steel joined 183 Congressional Republicans in voting against efforts to improve national drinking water standards and protect Americans, military bases, and the environment from harmful forever chemicals known as PFAS. PFAS chemicals have been linked to cancer, liver and kidney damage, and ulcerative colitis.

The PFAS Action Act, which Michelle Steel boldly opposed, will:

  • Ensure the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) establishes a national drinking water standard for certain forever chemicals within two years that better protects public health, including the health of vulnerable subpopulations.
  • Ensure the EPA places discharge limits on industrial releases of PFAS and provides $200 million annually for wastewater treatment.
  • Ensure comprehensive PFAS health testing.

Congressman Harley Rouda released the following statement reacting to the vote:

“In the past two years, our Orange County water facilities were forced to shut down 30% of their groundwater wells because of PFAS contamination. Not only have Orange County families already been exposed to this carcinogenic waste, they are also subject to higher water bills to pay for the cleanup.

Despite the adverse health and economic effects PFAS contamination has already had on Orange County families, my opponent chose to side with the polluters.”

During his first term, Congressman Harley Rouda supported the PFAS Action Act, and introduced his own legislation to hold polluters to account for poisoning American families, the PFAS User Fee Act of 2019.


California’s 48th district is poised to be the most critical battleground of 2022.
As the only Democrat proven capable of flipping this seat, Harley Rouda is already in a strong position to win.
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