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Party Insider? Nope, not me

Mar 03, 2018

One year ago, I decided to run for Congress. I was mad as hell. Donald Trump and Dana Rohrabacher were taking America in the wrong direction.

Since then, we’ve built a movement together to take back our country.

This is about the people working two jobs to make ends meet.

This is about the first-generation Americans living in fear.

This is about Orange County families facing rising medical bills.

We’re building a people-powered movement right here at home to shake the foundations of power in Washington D.C. – to send extremist politicians like Dana Rohrabacher packing and put the people back in charge.

Special interests like the NRA? They have enough champions.

Party insiders? Sorry, I’m not one of them.

Establishment darling? That’ll be the day.

Who am I? A business owner. An entrepreneur. An educator. A husband and dad. A citizen who’s fed up with inaction and the politics of hate and division spinning out of control in Washington D.C.

And I’m running because 2018 is our chance to mobilize the grassroots and take our country back from extremists like Donald Trump and Dana Rohrabacher.

March is our biggest challenge yet, and we’re trying to get to 1,500 grassroots donations by the deadline that’s coming up way too soon.

Let’s build on our amazing year and charge hard through to the June primary.