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Rep. Harley Rouda Responds to California’s Stay-At-Home Order Regarding Orange County Beaches

Apr 30, 2020


For Immediate release
April 30, 2020

Alyssa Napuri

J&Z Strategies

Rep. Harley Rouda Responds to California’s Stay-At-Home Order Regarding Orange County Beaches

LAGUNA BEACH, CA — Today, Congressman Harley Rouda released the following statement:

“I applaud Governor Newsom and his team for successfully flattening the curve in a majority of California,” said Congressman Rouda.“However, we need to develop a common-sense plan that prioritizes local residents’ physical and mental health — not indefinitely shut-down our beaches. The sacrifice and service of Orange County residents cannot continue endlessly; we must find safe and sustainable ways to adjust to a ‘new normal’ in the weeks and months to come.”

“Orange County’s pristine beaches are more than tourist attractions — they are essential public spaces, like parks, that residents should be allowed to utilize safely. Opening beaches to thousands of Southern Californians during a weekend heat-wave without adequate social-distancing protocols was a reckless action that put the families of California’s 48th district in harm’s way.”

“Unfortunately, this discussion has become political and polarizing with two extremes defining the debate — reopen everything immediately or continue the lockdown without an end in sight. Orange County residents, regardless of their political party, want their neighborhoods to remain safe and accessible. Most Americans are between the 20-yard lines, and I firmly believe there is a way to use common sense to find common ground.”

“Orange County leadership must emulate cities like Laguna Beach, whose rational and thoughtful plans have centered on providing its residents access to distanced recreation spaces. As we navigate the coronavirus crisis, the people of coastal Orange County deserve clear, concise, and comprehensive plans that balance the protection of their physical, mental, and economic health.”

“Our beaches and local economies cannot remain vacant and shuttered until a vaccine is developed.

“Local leaders must focus on drafting plans to safely and gradually relax stay-at-home orders. At minimum, these plans must include clear time intervals and benchmarks in addition to the increased testing and contact tracing capabilities we finally see coming online in Orange County.”

“I will continue working with Governor Newsom, the Orange County Board of Supervisors, and other local leaders to push for common-sense solutions that put Orange County working families and small businesses on the path to normalcy.”