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No Thanks, Big Pharma

Aug 25, 2017

Since the Supreme Court’s disastrous ruling on Citizens United, we’ve seen a torrent of special interest money flooding our elections.

When billionaire mega donors and corporate lobbyists give vast sums to candidates, it’s not because of some sudden sense of altruism – they’re trying to buy influence over the direction of our country.

Last month I told you about my pledge to not accept campaign donations from oil companies. Today, I am taking the fight against big money influencing our elections one step further: I am also pledging to refuse donations from the pharmaceutical industry.

Chip in now to fight back against big money in our elections by joining my team!

For too long, Big Pharma and the hundreds of powerful lobbyists working for them corrupted our health care system with their influence in Washington. Hardworking Americans pay the highest price for prescription drugs and have to choose between rent and life-saving medicine, all so Big Pharma can protect its bottom line.

I’m running for Congress to put the people of Orange County ahead of special interest donors, corporate lobbyists, and foreign entities. That’s why I need you standing with me to power my campaign with grassroots enthusiasm, not corporate donors.

If you’re with me, chip in now to build a grassroots campaign to flip the 48th!