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Lighting the spark of progress

May 03, 2019

America is supposed to be a leader. But, when it came to climate change, under Donald Trump and his Republican enablers in Congress, we were failing. Badly.

The facts are the facts and the science is proven: climate change is real, and we have to do something about it right now.

That’s one of the reasons I ran for Congress, and why I am asking for your support as I run again in 2020 — I was as sick as you are of the inaction on climate change. My family and yours depend on us getting this done now.

Promises made. Promises kept. Our new Democratic House majority and outside-the-box thinking in Congress are shaking things up.

This week, House Democrats passed landmark legislation to take on climate change — including amendments I authored that prevent the president from stopping cities and states from leading the way if the federal government is moving too slowly, and to recognize that many have already done this.

This has been a long time coming. Far too long. Now, the Senate must act.

The next step is critical: unless we want to backslide into inaction, we must not give up an inch in 2020. Please donate to my 2020 campaign and let’s keep moving forward.

The way forward’s clear. The Senate is still controlled by Republicans who are more committed to polluter profits and to obstruction, so it’s up to the House and grassroots movements like ours to be the ones lighting the spark of progress.

Keep that spark lit. Let’s win in 2020. Chip in today and keep our momentum going.