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I swore an oath, Mr. Trump

May 08, 2019

I was eleven years old when I watched with my father as Richard Nixon confidently told us on television that he wasn’t a crook.

Both my Republican father and I had the same reaction: why would a president have to tell us he was not a criminal? Shouldn’t that be guaranteed for the leader of the free world?

Flash forward to today.

Donald Trump insists he’s innocent, that everyone in his orbit has done nothing wrong. And yet he says we can’t see the full Mueller Report, and that people in the know can’t talk about it, because it’s covered by executive privilege.

I’m a member of Congress now, but I have the same reaction: The American people should have the confidence that their president isn’t a crook.

As a member of the Oversight Committee of the U.S. House, I’m asking the critical question: why can’t we get the full story? What does Donald Trump have to hide?

The redactions and misdirection, the half-stories and stonewalling, the refusals to look the American people in the eye — that’s just not what we expect from any president.

My bottom line? I swore an oath to serve the American people. I promised to serve without purpose of evasion. That emphasis is critical.

This terrible scandal cuts to the heart of that oath and our integrity as a democracy. And it’s why I’m urging Congress to keep up the pressure — to let the truth come out.