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His DIY Project

Feb 15, 2019

There are countless issues the President could view as a national emergency: climate change, the opioid epidemic, gun violence, crumbling infrastructure, a dangerous relationship with Russia, corporate influence in elections, our inequitable and broken health care system — the list goes on.

Let’s clear this up.

By law, a president can declare a “national emergency” during a real national emergency. Our laws do not empower the President to imagine a military crisis as a justification for his construction project.

  1. Things that are not a National Emergency:

  2. Failure to get the desired result from your made-for-TV meltdown

  3. Failure to garner enthusiasm to construct a multi-billion dollar monument to your ego

Inability to deliver on the promise that “Mexico will pay for the wall” We don’t want your wall, we don’t need your emergencies. How about this President’s Day, Donald Trump start acting like the leader we need.