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GOP unleashing desperate tactics

Aug 16, 2018

Dana Rohrabacher’s extreme, right-wing backers are running scared in California’s 48th, so they’ve unleashed an attack ad on my campaign for Congress. Their tactics are desperate.

The Super PAC Congressional Leadership Fund paid for the attack ad with dark money they’ve raised from right-wing donors dedicated to maintaining power in Congress.

It doesn’t take much digging to discover that the ad is funded by Sheldon Adelson, the Blackstone Group, Chevron Corporation, and other high-rollers who buy elections to serve their corporate greed. They plan to spend $100 million in this campaign cycle to protect their ultra-conservative agenda.

They’ve targeted our race because they know Dana Rohrabacher’s ties to Russia, his extreme positions, and his love of wacky conspiracy theories make him vulnerable in a district that wants a common sense approach focused on solutions for all Californians.

We’ve got the momentum and the grassroots support no matter how much they spend.

Pitch in now. Let’s show these right-wing extremists that Congressional representation is not for sale and the people of California’s 48th cannot be fooled by an attack ad.