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Congressman Harley Rouda Condemns Michelle Steel’s Effort to Place Fraudulent Ballot Drop-Off Boxes

Oct 12, 2020

LAGUNA BEACH, CA — Today, Congressman Harley Rouda released a statement reacting to the California GOP and Michelle Steel placing fraudulent ballot drop-boxes in California’s 48th congressional district. In response to the Steel team and California GOP’s efforts to subvert our elections, the California Secretary of State issued a statement confirming that “providing unauthorized, non-official vote-by-mail ballot drop boxes is prohibited by state law.”

“A Democratic party operative retweeted Tygh’s photo on Sunday, alleging the unofficial drop box was at Steel’s campaign headquarters. Reached Sunday evening, Steel said she was out campaigning and was unaware of whether there were drop boxes at her campaign office. She said she’d check into it and call back, but could not be reached later Sunday night.” – OC Register

Reflecting on his opponent’s unprecedented attempt to manipulate the results of the election, Congressman Rouda remarked:

“Michelle Steel is proving, yet again, that she is the most corrupt politician in Orange County. Orange County deserves a leader who will protect the integrity of our elections, not orchestrate voter fraud. This craven, illegal, and criminal behavior is disqualifying.”

Harley for Congress Campaign Manager Alyssa Napuri also stated:

“Michelle Steel’s corruption has hit historic lows with this illegal tactic to mislead voters and illegally influence the election. We cannot trust her to protect the integrity of our elections, and we cannot trust her to represent Orange County. From false discredited allegations to her business partner’s pay-to-play scandal with the Chinese Communist Party to her usage of taxpayer dollars to campaign — Steel has made it clear she lacks integrity, decency, and respect for Orange County residents.”

These illegal ballot drop-boxes showcase the questionable campaign tactics the Steels will take in their path to achieve their political ambitions. These posts come at the heels of a bombshell investigation by the Wall Street Journal that the Steel’s were caught in a pay-to-play scheme to connect Chinese Communist Party officials to national Republicans in order to influence our elections.

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