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Harley Rouda Puts Country Over Party to Condemn Pro-Communism Democratic Officer

Sep 02, 2020

LAGUNA BEACH, CA — Today, Congressman Harley Rouda reiterated his condemnation of DPOC Vice Chair Jeff LeTourneau’s glorification and praise of Ho Chi Minh — a brutal communist dictator.

On Monday, Congressman Rouda led a letter signed by Congressman Correa, Congressman Lowenthal, Congressman Cisneros, and State Senator Umberg calling for Mr. LeTourneau’s immediate resignation or removal.

Congressman Rouda also released the following statement:

“Members of our cherished Vietnamese community vividly recall the horror and pain Ho Chi Minh brought to their families during the communist takeover of Vietnam and the shame of being forced to flee their homeland. Mr. LeTourneau’s comments revering a man who inflicted so much pain to so many spits in the face of the freedom Vietnamese people and 58,000 American soldiers fought and died for.

We should condemn all elected leaders who enable the Communist Party, like my opponent Michelle Steel, whose husband and business partner orchestrated a pay-to-play scheme to connect Chinese Communist Party officials with President Trump. We swore to serve the United States of America, not the Chinese Communist Party, not the Communist Regime of Vietnam, and not the horrific legacy of Ho Chi Minh.

Mr. LeTourneau and other leaders who support brutal dictators, regimes, and nations must resign or be removed from office, immediately.”