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Michelle Steel Receives $80,000 From Aviation Company After Awarding 35-Year Taxpayer-Funded Contract

Oct 30, 2020

LAGUNA BEACH, CA — As Chair of the Orange County Board of Supervisors, Michelle Steel awarded 35-year contracts to private jet companies ACI Jet and Clay Lacy Aviation. Now, Clay Lacy Aviation has donated $80,000 to a PAC that has spent over $75,000 to resuscitate Michelle Steel’s bid for California’s 48th Congressional District.

Congressman Harley Rouda released the following statement:

“Michelle Steel awarded your tax dollars to her mega-donor whose company ranked lower, racked up more safety violations, and threatens Orange County jobs. Now, Clay Lacy is finishing their side of the pay-to-play scheme by giving $80,000 in dark money to PACs to elect Michelle Steel.

These donations are clear-cut corruption orchestrated by Orange County’s most corrupt politician. In four days, California’s 48th District will vote to condemn Michelle Steel’s inexcusable misuse of taxpayer dollars — not send her to Washington.”

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