Caught raising money from dead mega donor, Steel attempts to cover her tracks


Jul 19, 2021

Newport Beach, CA – Today, Roll Call, exposed Michelle Steel’s latest example of corruption by highlighting Steel’s thousands collected from a dead mega-donor. This brings to light the third unsavory donation to Steel’s campaign this year.

“A joint fundraising committee controlled by Rep. Michelle Steel disclosed a donation of $7,900 earlier this year. The only problem: The reported donor had been dead for seven months.

​​When asked about the contribution last week by CQ Roll Call, the California Republican’s campaign attacked Democrats for exploiting the death of her friend. But the campaign also amended disclosure forms filed with the Federal Election Commission to remove the dead woman’s name.

In an original April 15 disclosure, Steel Victory Fund said $7,900 was deposited March 31 [2021] from  Lorrie Y. Hong, identified as a homemaker in Loma Linda, Calif. The same amount was reported as coming from her spouse, Myung K. Hong, who is listed as chairman of the M&L Foundation. The couple also contributed thousands of dollars to Steel in the 2020 election cycle.

Lorrie Y. Hong died Aug. 21, 2020, however, according to an online obituary.

A spokesperson for Rouda’s campaign sent along a statement with hyperlinks, blasting Steel’s campaign and her prior record in Orange County, Calif., government.

“From awarding her donors decades-long county contracts, to initiating their purchase of our public park for pennies on the dollar, Michelle Steel’s record of corruption and misuse of taxpayer funds to benefit her donors speaks for itself,” spokesperson Alyssa Napuri said in an email. “It’s ludicrous that Michelle Steel would accept thousands from a deceased mega-donor then play none the wiser when pushed to respond.”

Congressman Harley Rouda released the following statement reacting to the news:

“Michelle Steel knows her donors and friends intimately, she’s been using her taxpayer funded positions to enrich them for years. Clearly, Steel thought she’d get away with accepting donations from a deceased person, who she claims is a dear friend, that’s why she waited to amend her reports until after getting caught.

Rather than garnering support from everyday Americans, Steel’s torrid financial reports prove she has no issue funding her campaign from insurrectionists, alleged sexual predators, and now, someone months after their death.”


California’s 48th district is poised to be the most critical battleground of 2022.
As the only Democrat proven capable of flipping this seat, Harley Rouda is already in a strong position to win.
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