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Breaking > Michelle Steel is running against Harley

Apr 26, 2019

When Harley won his very close election last year to complete the Orange County blue wave, we knew Donald Trump and his allies would come roaring back.

Now they’ve found a key Trump ally to challenge Harley. And we all need to step up for Harley — will you chip in to fight back right now?

Yesterday, Orange County Supervisor Michelle Park Steel went out of the county to Los Angeles to announce her Orange County congressional campaign before a group of her Los Angeles business supporters. She’s a Trump appointee and a career politician, so we have to take her challenge very seriously.

The bottom line? This is not the time to elect someone who will stand with Donald Trump as he pretends climate change isn’t real, undermines our health care, and pounds middle-class Orange County residents with higher taxes and more debt to pay for giveaways to his billionaire allies.

Let’s show Donald Trump and his pals that Orange County will not turn the clock back. Donate right now.

Will you stand with Harley Rouda right now?

Team Rouda