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…and we're off!

Jan 10, 2019

It’s been a week since I was sworn in to represent the 48th district of California.

And what a week it’s been. I’ll tell you more about that, but first, I just want to say:


Your hard work, your dedication, your support made this happen. After a hard two years of campaigning in every corner of our district, the ceremony of our democracy renewing itself was uplifting and powerful. Watching Democrats take power in the People’s House was inspiring.

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But let me be clear: I’m not here for ceremony. I’m here to work. And here’s what I’m already doing:

  • As promised, the first bill I co-sponsored was the Equality Act, to ensure that no American can be fired, denied housing, or denied public accommodation because of who they love.
  • I joined colleagues in both parties in voting to re-open the government and provide effective border security, while rejecting Donald Trump’s wasteful wall.
  • I’ve immediately started work on a bill to support small businesses and create jobs in Orange County and around the country.
  • And I’ve started the work of getting to know my 434 colleagues — men and women in both parties — so that I can be the most effective Member of Congress that I can be.
  • Oh, and I’ve figured out where I can get a tuna sandwich on the run. Gotta keep fueled during these long days.

Again, thank you. We’re getting to work to change America for the better. It’s going to be a long haul and I’m so glad you’re in this fight with me.