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Affordable housing is in a crisis

Sep 15, 2018

Nobody grows up dreaming of a life on the streets or in a tent under a bridge. But too many of our fellow Americans do not have a place to call home. They have been left behind by lack of opportunity. Soaring housing prices. Catastrophic illness. Family hardship.

Tackling the housing crisis requires tacking several interrelated issues. We need a coordinated effort that includes:

  • Infrastructure that allows people to live where they work

  • Affordable housing

  • Health care and prescription drug pricing that does not cause financial ruin

  • Services that provide adequate care for veterans

  • Support systems for vulnerable community members

  • Increased job opportunities and higher wages

Homelessness requires a comprehensive effort on the part of municipal, state, and federal agencies.

And it requires compassion.

Dana Rohrabacher has said that homelessness is a “lifestyle choice” and he is outraged that “we are assuming responsibility for homeless people, taking care of their basic needs.” The man lacks empathy.

Congress can do something about California’s homelessness problem. And Oregon’s. And Colorado’s. And every other state in the country struggling to help our fellow Americans.

Complicated problems require comprehensive solutions. And hard work.

I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and work with all levels of government, housing organizations, shelters, and charities to find solutions. Solutions with heart.