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May 23, 2019

This time last year, the primary election was bringing Democrats one step closer to defeating Dana Rohrabacher. Now, Orange County residents are uniting again to keep this seat.

This year, his right-wing allies are back for revenge — and it’s not hard to see why our 2020 race is their top priority. They’re coming at us with a ballot stacked with corporate SuperPAC-funded challengers, special interest support, and an agenda set to undo our progress.

Game on.

Our campaign knows we will only succeed in overturning Citizens United and restoring trust in government if the American people all rise together against big money in politics.

Our commitment to a grassroots approach means setting lofty goals. But we can do this. Our end-of-month fundraising deadline is just days away. Our goal? 1,000 grassroots contributions.

Join us in standing up to the SuperPACs and their shadowy leaders: chip in right now.

It is our promise to American voters that the era of dark money in politics ends now.