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January 15, 2019the Equality Act
January 11, 2019We know this firsthand
January 10, 2019...and we're off!
January 9, 2019A childish and immoral sideshow
January 6, 2019The Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition
December 24, 2018Looking back and moving forward
December 23, 2018Baugh humbug.
December 20, 2018Howdy, neighbor
December 14, 2018Our best chance to tackle climate change is doubling down on infrastructure
December 7, 2018Fire Safety
December 4, 2018Two important updates from DC
November 28, 2018This is what democracy looks like
November 27, 2018Nearly $10,000.
November 22, 2018a quick note from Kaira and me
November 19, 2018The real work is only beginning
November 10, 2018We did it!
November 9, 2018Quick tabulation update
November 3, 2018Just like a Rolling Stone?
November 3, 2018Read The Rouda Blueprint to End Washington Corruption
November 2, 2018Self-absorbed at best
November 1, 2018Sign the petition for national Vote by Mail
October 31, 2018Rep. Darrell Issa Endorsement = last minute Halloween Costume?
October 31, 2018Now flip it.
October 30, 2018The environment doesn't care about party affiliation
October 29, 2018900 strong
October 28, 2018What if we tried kindness?
October 27, 2018We won't be fooled AGAIN!
October 27, 2018RNC big shot in Orange County
October 27, 20181.4 million Americans at risk of losing civil rights law protections
October 26, 2018Rachel Maddow goes after Dana
October 26, 2018A clean power plan
October 25, 2018LA TIMES: Dems to release sealed Rohrabacher testimony if they gain a House majority
October 24, 2018Hannity's eyes are on us
October 23, 2018🤳Screenshot
October 22, 2018It's time to show Dana the door. Harley can do it.
October 22, 2018Lucky number 15
October 21, 2018No cheat sheets
October 20, 2018We don't have any more time for Climate Deniers
October 19, 2018A quick note to Dana
October 18, 2018Interesting. Very...interesting.
October 18, 2018Bad boyfriends
October 16, 2018Well, that was odd.
October 13, 2018What's Dana hiding?
October 12, 2018"I knew it was time to stop tweeting and take action."
October 11, 2018Thinking Differently
October 10, 2018Rohrabacher runs away from his health care record
October 9, 2018Anti-science crusader Dana Rohrabacher on the Science Committee?
October 8, 2018Did you hear what Steve Kornacki said?
October 7, 2018It's a dead heat according to the LA times!
October 7, 2018I'm fed up. Add your name.

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