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May 28, 2019Our first step to ending gun violence
May 24, 2019a growing public health crisis
May 23, 2019📸 📸 📸
May 21, 2019100 years
May 19, 2019It's official. The race is on.
May 17, 2019Politicians have no place in the exam room
May 15, 2019top secret, sort of.
May 12, 2019In honor of Mother's Day, we're fundraising for Moms Demand Action
May 8, 2019I swore an oath, Mr. Trump
May 3, 2019Lighting the spark of progress
April 26, 2019Breaking > Michelle Steel is running against Harley
April 25, 2019The basic numbers are chilling:
April 18, 2019A deeply troubling summary
April 17, 2019Trump's 2020 Budget?
April 13, 2019100 Days In
April 9, 2019Contamination in our drinking water
April 5, 2019Promises we keep
April 2, 2019common sense: equal pay for equal work
March 22, 2019Sign the petition: release the Mueller Report
March 22, 2019Common sense, higher ground
March 15, 2019It's taxing
March 13, 2019Unethical and counter-productive
March 5, 2019scuba Mar-a-Lago
March 3, 2019A Super Tuesday
February 28, 2019it's not lookin' good
February 27, 2019Playing for-profit politics with peoples' care.
February 21, 2019Alert: New opponent is a pro-Trump MAGA fan
February 20, 2019We get it, you're plotting.
February 19, 2019Unanimous support for investment and innovation
February 15, 2019His DIY Project
February 14, 2019What have we done for them?
February 12, 2019at least we're in good company 🤳
February 9, 2019Building something that lasts
February 6, 2019Congress will not be intimidated
February 1, 2019You're not so slick, Trump
January 25, 2019The shutdown is over... for now.
January 25, 2019A commonsense fix that saves lives
January 21, 2019An anniversary
January 18, 2019We're ready.
January 15, 2019the Equality Act
January 11, 2019We know this firsthand
January 10, 2019...and we're off!
January 9, 2019A childish and immoral sideshow
January 6, 2019The Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition
December 24, 2018Looking back and moving forward
December 23, 2018Baugh humbug.
December 20, 2018Howdy, neighbor
December 14, 2018Our best chance to tackle climate change is doubling down on infrastructure
December 7, 2018Fire Safety
December 4, 2018Two important updates from DC

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