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Gun Violence

Enough. Every day over 90 students, teachers, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and co-workers are killed by gun violence. We must do more to stop this national epidemic. Now is not the time for partisan talking points that divide our country, we need to enact common-sense reforms that will keep all Americans safe.

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The continued economic growth of the United States starts with a thriving, innovative and balanced economy that is focused on creating the jobs of tomorrow. And that also means strengthening the middle class, and creating jobs that pay a living wage. To rebuild the middle class, the first step is closing antiquated tax loopholes that benefit outdated industries and the wealthy.


The right to an extensive, high quality education should be afforded to all students, regardless of socioeconomic status. Many of our students face insurmountable amounts of debt when graduating from college, only to find the job market is less than friendly. In addition to fighting to make college accessible and affordable for the next generation, I will push for funding for early education programs such as Head Start and pre-kindergarten. All students should have access to 21st century technologies in the classroom, and as your Congressman, I will advocate for increased focus on STEAM [science, technology, engineering, art/architecture, and math] curriculum. We need to spend more on schools and less on prisons, and work to reform the criminal justice system by educating more and incarcerating less.

Read the full Education Plan here.


I’m very happy to call the 48th Congressional District my home, as it is one of the most remarkable places to live in the world. I will work to protect California’s most precious asset, our beautiful coastlines, from offshore drilling. We need to focus on consistently choosing clean energy over the fossil fuels of the past. As a businessman, I know firsthand that protecting the environment and incentivizing economic growth are not mutually exclusive goals, and that is why I support making Southern California the clean tech capital of the world.

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Foreign Affairs

I will work to keep America safe at home and abroad. I believe that diplomacy first is the best path forward for the United States and our allies. As we have seen here in California, ISIL has inspired home-grown terrorism. We must strengthen ties in the international community, improve our border security, support our troops, protect American trading interests, and advocate for humane detention standards. I also believe we need to solidify and strengthen our bond with NATO allies, especially the Baltic state nations who are continuously threatened by Russia.

Women’s Issues

It’s obvious; women should be treated equally and should have the right to make all decisions about their body and their health. Women also make up nearly half of the labor force, and when women lose income, economic security is diminished for them and their families. We must make sure women are treated equally under the law. As your Congressman, I will fight for equal access, reproductive health freedom, and equal pay.


I supported the Affordable Care Act, because while it was not perfect, it was a step in the right direction. The ACA nailed it with prohibiting discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions and allowing children to stay on their parents’ plan until age 26. But no policy is perfect and we must continue to adjust, reform, improve, and expand the ACA. I am very disheartened by recent events on Capitol Hill, to see Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and other Republicans in Congress play politics with Americans’ health care.

I support Medicare for All.

I am also committed to enhancing the accessibility of safe and dependable addiction treatment. Read more here.

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Despite significant steps forward, LGBTQ Americans lack basic legal protections in states across the country. The patchwork nature of current laws leaves millions of people subject to uncertainty and discrimination that impacts their safety, family, and their very way of life. Everyone should have a fair chance to earn a living and provide a home for their family without fear of harassment or discrimination, and that is why I – along with 70 percent of Americans – support the Equality Act calling for non-discrimination protections for LGBTQ Americans.


In a nation built by immigrants, comprehensive immigration reform is our moral imperative. With more than $1 trillion dollars in GDP growth and massive deficit reduction at stake, immigration is an economic issue—but it also about family values. I will work to uphold traditional American values that include keeping families together and foster the tremendous contributions of immigrants who make up the rich fabric of our nation. We must protect our borders, but not by tearing apart families and our communities.

Holding Donald Trump Accountable

California’s 48th District is uniquely vulnerable to attacks from Donald Trump and Republicans like Dana Rohrabacher in Washington. He’s the only known member of Congress subject to Robert Mueller’s investigation. They both pose a threat to our national security, our Constitution, and our democracy. From his attacks on the freedom of the press to his campaign's ties to Russian foreign officials, every day that Trump sits in the White House is a threat to the future of our country, and Dana Rohrabacher is his closest ally in Congress.

We must hold Donald Trump and his administration accountable for all their actions. Voters in our district tell me that the standard has been met for impeachment. He's lied about his team's connections with Russia, he's admitted to firing James Comey to try and stop the investigation, and his reckless tweets threaten our national security. I’m often reminded that our country has impeached presidents for far less.

End Citizens United

The Supreme Court's decision to allow corporations to spend unlimited amounts in our elections has undermined our Democracy. I support ending Citizens United and have pledged to not take money from Big Oil, Big Tobacco, Big Pharma or the Gun Lobby.


Washington is in desperate need of real, meaningful, and lasting change.
Our country and our people deserve better.

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