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Campaign Updates

May 28, 2019Our first step to ending gun violence
May 24, 2019a growing public health crisis
May 23, 2019๐Ÿ“ธ ๐Ÿ“ธ ๐Ÿ“ธ
May 21, 2019100 years
May 19, 2019It's official. The race is on.
May 17, 2019Politicians have no place in the exam room
May 15, 2019top secret, sort of.
May 12, 2019In honor of Mother's Day, we're fundraising for Moms Demand Action
May 8, 2019I swore an oath, Mr. Trump
May 3, 2019Lighting the spark of progress
April 26, 2019Breaking > Michelle Steel is running against Harley
April 25, 2019The basic numbers are chilling:
April 18, 2019A deeply troubling summary
April 17, 2019Trump's 2020 Budget?
April 13, 2019100 Days In
April 9, 2019Contamination in our drinking water
April 5, 2019Promises we keep
April 2, 2019common sense: equal pay for equal work
March 22, 2019Sign the petition: release the Mueller Report
March 22, 2019Common sense, higher ground
March 15, 2019It's taxing
March 13, 2019Unethical and counter-productive
March 5, 2019scuba Mar-a-Lago
March 3, 2019A Super Tuesday
February 28, 2019it's not lookin' good
February 27, 2019Playing for-profit politics with peoples' care.
February 21, 2019Alert: New opponent is a pro-Trump MAGA fan
February 20, 2019We get it, you're plotting.
February 19, 2019Unanimous support for investment and innovation
February 15, 2019His DIY Project
February 14, 2019What have we done for them?
February 12, 2019at least we're in good company ๐Ÿคณ
February 9, 2019Building something that lasts
February 6, 2019Congress will not be intimidated
February 1, 2019You're not so slick, Trump
January 25, 2019The shutdown is over... for now.
January 25, 2019A commonsense fix that saves lives
January 21, 2019An anniversary
January 18, 2019We're ready.
January 15, 2019the Equality Act
January 11, 2019We know this firsthand
January 10, 2019...and we're off!
January 9, 2019A childish and immoral sideshow
January 6, 2019The Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition
December 23, 2018Baugh humbug.
December 20, 2018Howdy, neighbor
December 14, 2018Our best chance to tackle climate change is doubling down on infrastructure
December 7, 2018Fire Safety
December 4, 2018Two important updates from DC
November 28, 2018This is what democracy looks like
November 27, 2018Nearly $10,000.
November 19, 2018The real work is only beginning
November 10, 2018We did it!
November 9, 2018Quick tabulation update
November 3, 2018Just like a Rolling Stone?
November 3, 2018Read The Rouda Blueprint to End Washington Corruption
November 2, 2018Self-absorbed at best
November 1, 2018Sign the petition for national Vote by Mail
October 31, 2018Rep. Darrell Issa Endorsement = last minute Halloween Costume?
October 31, 2018Now flip it.
October 30, 2018The environment doesn't care about party affiliation
October 29, 2018900 strong
October 28, 2018What if we tried kindness?
October 27, 2018We won't be fooled AGAIN!
October 27, 2018RNC big shot in Orange County
October 27, 20181.4 million Americans at risk of losing civil rights law protections
October 26, 2018Rachel Maddow goes after Dana
October 26, 2018A clean power plan
October 25, 2018LA TIMES: Dems to release sealed Rohrabacher testimony if they gain a House majority
October 24, 2018Hannity's eyes are on us
October 23, 2018๐ŸคณScreenshot
October 22, 2018It's time to show Dana the door. Harley can do it.
October 22, 2018Lucky number 15
October 21, 2018No cheat sheets
October 19, 2018A quick note to Dana
October 18, 2018Interesting. Very...interesting.
October 18, 2018Bad boyfriends
October 16, 2018Well, that was odd.
October 13, 2018What's Dana hiding?
October 12, 2018"I knew it was time to stop tweeting and take action."
October 11, 2018Thinking Differently
October 10, 2018Rohrabacher runs away from his health care record
October 9, 2018Anti-science crusader Dana Rohrabacher on the Science Committee?
October 8, 2018Did you hear what Steve Kornacki said?
October 7, 2018It's a dead heat according to the LA times!
October 7, 2018I'm fed up. Add your name.
October 6, 2018Liars don't belong on the Supreme Court
October 5, 2018It's a dead heat
October 4, 2018Why the secrets?
October 3, 2018Urgent request re: Trump's statements on Dr. Blasey Ford.
October 2, 2018"Best chance in 3 decades"
October 1, 2018Harley Rouda is the leader we need
September 28, 2018#BelieveSurvivors
September 28, 2018$42,150 from the gun lobby
September 27, 2018Survey: Why are you ready to dump Dana?
September 27, 2018This is unacceptable
September 25, 2018Today: National Voter Registration Day
September 24, 2018I'm Michelle Kwan and I endorse Harley Rouda
September 23, 2018Rohrabacher doubles down on offending history
September 22, 2018Enough baffling quotes to write a book
September 21, 2018On Dana's endorsement of Ms. Larrea-Van Der Mark
September 20, 2018the discriminatory "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy
September 18, 2018this old photo
September 17, 2018Me the People
September 17, 2018Girl, you know it's true
September 16, 2018federal funding to arm teachers
September 15, 2018Affordable housing is in a crisis
September 14, 2018L ๐Ÿ‘ O ๐Ÿ‘ L ๐Ÿ‘
September 13, 2018heavy blinking
September 12, 2018Vice News, Obama, and some common sense advice
September 11, 2018Orange County Professional Firefighters Association endorse our campaign!
September 8, 2018The New York Times: we're doing this! ๐Ÿ“ฐ ๐Ÿ“ˆ
September 7, 2018No one is above the law
September 6, 2018Rouda, Rohrabacher, and $3 million in third-party attack ads
September 5, 2018Harley has always created jobs for Orange County
September 1, 2018To freeze, or not to freeze, that is the question
August 31, 2018Our great democracy cannot fall prey to un-American partisan politics
August 30, 2018๐Ÿ“ท Harley AND Dana
August 29, 2018A nice guy's disguise
August 26, 2018Sign my petition: Stop Ghost Guns
August 22, 2018RE: Phishy
August 21, 2018phishy
August 21, 2018"third most likely to be the House's tipping point"
August 20, 2018I stand with Planned Parenthood
August 16, 2018GOP unleashing desperate tactics
August 15, 20185 Most Competitive House Races - we made the list
August 12, 2018Bigotry and hate on display
August 6, 2018I need you with me
August 3, 2018Ghost guns - real dangerous
July 31, 20182018: retiring Rohrabacher
July 30, 2018I will never take a dollar from the NRA
July 29, 2018Discrimination: The Rohrabacher Method
July 27, 2018Porter! Cisneros! Levin! Hill!
July 26, 2018smoke and mirrors from Rohrabacher
July 24, 2018Attacks on minorities is an attack on our democracy
July 22, 2018We reject Trump's nominee
July 19, 2018Rohrabacher tied to Russian intelligence agent
July 18, 2018This race is tied
July 16, 2018"gunimals" ๐Ÿคฆ
July 13, 2018Spearphishing
July 10, 2018What's at stake with Kavanaugh
July 6, 2018get sick, go bankrupt
June 30, 201847 left?!
June 29, 2018For Sale: 48th District of CA
June 27, 2018seriously, Dana?
June 25, 2018The real work begins today
June 20, 201869
June 7, 2018Tabulation Update
June 6, 2018Dana has no idea what's about to hit him
June 5, 2018Today!
June 4, 2018Report: Harley Rouda's surging momentum
June 4, 2018Join Us at Our Election Night Party!
June 4, 2018#HireHarley
June 3, 2018Will I see you tomorrow?
June 2, 2018Join us, only 3 days left!
May 30, 2018enough is enough
May 29, 2018One week to go
May 26, 2018Watch my big debate with Dana Rohrabacher
May 25, 2018Unbelievable. Dana Rohrabacher sinks to a new low.
May 24, 2018I found the man for the job
May 24, 2018Breaking: attack ads against Harley
May 22, 2018Help us spread the word
May 20, 2018Meet Pat
May 11, 2018[Strategy memo] Harley Rouda endorsed by national Democrats
May 9, 2018Big news. Big day for Team Rouda.
May 4, 2018Unsung heroes of health care
April 26, 2018Big news for Harley Rouda!
April 22, 2018My promise to you
April 20, 2018Bad news, Dana Rohrabacher
April 17, 2018Fair share? Hardly.
April 12, 2018A special announcement about Harley Rouda
April 11, 2018Bye
April 10, 201899 days for equal pay
April 6, 2018The first steps
March 30, 2018The Real Deal: Harley Rouda
March 29, 2018Moms Demand Action. So do I
March 28, 2018My friend, Harley Rouda
March 26, 2018I'm with Harley Rouda 100%
March 22, 2018An important note from Laura Oatman
March 19, 2018Some of my best friends aren't corporations
March 15, 2018Harley Rouda Picks Up Trio of Key Endorsements
March 13, 2018[Guess] Whose eyes these are
March 12, 2018Another BIG win for Harley Rouda
March 9, 2018Update: our movement to reject the NRA
March 8, 2018It's official: I'M IN
March 3, 2018Party Insider? Nope, not me
March 1, 2018I'm in to win
February 20, 2018The NRA has to go
February 12, 2018The results are in on the big debate:
January 23, 2018[New video] No more collusion, Dana:
January 20, 2018Why I'm marching for women:
January 18, 2018Sign the petition: No coastal oil drilling!
January 14, 2018100% Pro-Choice
January 8, 2018This week's debates
December 29, 2017Will Harley get to be in the debates?
December 14, 2017NEW AD: Trump and Rohrabacher have it backwards
December 5, 2017A runaway truck with no brakes
November 16, 2017Are you sitting down?
November 10, 2017BREAKING: Rohrabacher under investigation by Mueller
November 8, 2017NEW ANALYSIS: Dana Rohrabacher is even more vulnerable than we thought
October 25, 2017Let's fight back--not one penny for millionaires and billionaires!
October 20, 2017With Trump attacking our health care, we can't put this off any longer โ†’
October 12, 2017WOW! Our momentum is growing every day.
October 3, 2017We need to stop this. Right. Now.
September 27, 2017This is our best shot
September 23, 2017To be a fly on the wall at that "nice little dinner"...
September 19, 2017URGENT: Fight back against zombie Trumpcare!
September 15, 2017Deplorable! Rohrabacher says Charlottesville was a hoax ๐Ÿ˜ก
September 13, 2017A brighter future for EVERY student
September 6, 2017You won't believe how many young Californians are threatened by Trump
August 25, 2017No Thanks, Big Pharma
August 22, 2017Hold Trump accountable for health care! [petition]
August 18, 2017BREAKING: Julian Assange just threatened to sue me
August 11, 2017Sign the petition to condemn Rohrabacher's attacks on women!
August 4, 2017I trust science -- and so should Trump
June 6, 2017Stop coastal drilling off California's shores!
May 31, 2017Our community is ready
May 24, 2017Sign the petition: Demand an independent commission!
May 19, 2017NY Times: FBI Warned Rohrabacher That Russian Spies Were Recruiting Him
May 13, 2017Taking the fight to Trump and Rohrabacher (video)
May 9, 2017Comey?!
May 9, 2017Orange County will decide the House

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