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Campaign Updates

February 12, 2018The results are in on the big debate:
January 23, 2018[New video] No more collusion, Dana:
January 20, 2018Why I'm marching for women:
January 18, 2018Sign the petition: No coastal oil drilling!
January 14, 2018100% Pro-Choice
January 8, 2018This week's debates
December 29, 2017Will Harley get to be in the debates?
December 14, 2017NEW AD: Trump and Rohrabacher have it backwards
December 5, 2017A runaway truck with no brakes
November 16, 2017Are you sitting down?
November 10, 2017BREAKING: Rohrabacher under investigation by Mueller
November 8, 2017NEW ANALYSIS: Dana Rohrabacher is even more vulnerable than we thought
October 31, 2017The impeachment of Donald Trump
October 25, 2017Let's fight back--not one penny for millionaires and billionaires!
October 20, 2017With Trump attacking our health care, we can't put this off any longer →
October 12, 2017WOW! Our momentum is growing every day.
October 3, 2017We need to stop this. Right. Now.
September 27, 2017This is our best shot
September 23, 2017To be a fly on the wall at that "nice little dinner"...
September 19, 2017URGENT: Fight back against zombie Trumpcare!
September 15, 2017Deplorable! Rohrabacher says Charlottesville was a hoax 😡
September 13, 2017A brighter future for EVERY student
September 6, 2017You won't believe how many young Californians are threatened by Trump
August 25, 2017No Thanks, Big Pharma
August 22, 2017Hold Trump accountable for health care! [petition]
August 18, 2017BREAKING: Julian Assange just threatened to sue me
August 11, 2017Sign the petition to condemn Rohrabacher's attacks on women!
August 4, 2017I trust science -- and so should Trump
June 21, 2017A shark attack vs. voter fraud
June 6, 2017Stop coastal drilling off California's shores!
May 31, 2017Our community is ready
May 24, 2017Sign the petition: Demand an independent commission!
May 19, 2017NY Times: FBI Warned Rohrabacher That Russian Spies Were Recruiting Him
May 13, 2017Taking the fight to Trump and Rohrabacher (video)
May 9, 2017Comey?!
May 9, 2017Orange County will decide the House

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