Campaign Updates

What's Dana hiding?

Oct 13, 2018

MSNBC recently aired a segment exploring how the House Intelligence Committee Republicans undermined the investigation into Trump campaign ties to Russia.

The Intel Committee’s sham probe was never about getting to the bottom of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

It was about protecting Donald Trump. And Dana Rohrabacher.

Republicans finally agreed to release some transcripts from witnesses they interviewed during the investigation.

But not Dana Rohrabacher’s. Apparently, Dana has something to hide. Republicans are worried that releasing his testimony would derail his campaign.

Republicans are keeping the American people in the dark when it’s politically expedient for them. They are covering Donald Trump and Dana Rohrabacher’s tracks.

Protecting our democracy and preventing future election interference from foreign powers requires bipartisan efforts that put country ahead of politics.

It’s time for a change of leadership. Defending our democracy depends on it.