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URGENT: Fight back against zombie Trumpcare!

Sep 19, 2017

The Republicans’ attack on our health care is like a bad horror movie that keeps bringing its killer back to life again and again.

Only Trumpcare is worse—the lives that will be lost if this bill passes aren’t actors on a movie set.

But we’ve slayed this zombie before, and our movement for universal health care is growing every day.

It’s time to stop zombie Trumpcare one more time—Chip in $3 now and let’s keep up the momentum for affordable health care for all!

Just like previous versions of Trumpcare, this one guts Medicaid and the lifeline keeping kids, seniors, and people with disabilities alive; it slashes deductibles and causes premiums to soar; and it cuts deep into Planned Parenthood’s funding that provides for millions of women across the country.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher has failed to represent our district by voting YES for every bad version of this bill that has risen. Backed by big corporate special interests, Rohrabacher is more interested in protecting his donors’ bottom line than fighting for better health care.

We have just 11 days to meet our fundraising deadline and show that our campaign is serious about kicking Rohrabacher out of office so we can work for more positive results, like universal health care for all. Chip in $3 now and let’s send Rohrabacher packing!