Campaign Updates

No cheat sheets

Oct 21, 2018

We only have 16 days left until Election Day, and Team Rouda is firing on all cylinders.

Today, Harley spoke candidly with Kasie Hunt live on MSNBC about some of the key issues: the Mueller investigation, hateful immigration policies, the problematic Supreme Court nomination process, and the divisive tactics of Trump and Rohrabacher.

We’re ready to move forward. Are you? Chip in right now and let’s finish this strong.

Last week, Dana relied on a stack of notes for a short, 20-minute “debate” with Harley. Even with 30 years of experience, he couldn’t get through a quick conversation without a cheat sheet.


Because it’s hard to keep track of the priorities of your special interest buddies, especially when they compete with your community.

Harley has a clear vision to move our district — and the rest of the country — away from the corruption and greed. Chip in right now and show Dana the door.