Campaign Updates

My friend, Harley Rouda

Mar 28, 2018

Why am I with Harley Rouda?

Because I know that, in Congress, he will work to protect and expand health care access, fight for increased funding for Planned Parenthood, and be an effective leader for the women and men of Orange County.

Join me in supporting Harley Rouda before his critical end-of-quarter fundraising deadline. Please donate today.

Harley represents the best choice to move California’s 48th Congressional District forward.

I know that he will be a tremendous ally in the fight to build a better Southern California.

2018 is our chance to take our country back, to do right by so many Americans who are hurting under Donald Trump and Dana Rohrabacher.

Harley is the person to get this job done, Saba.

Team Rouda set a goal of 1,500 grassroots donations by the end of March to fuel his people-powered campaign. He’s almost there.

Let’s ride this momentum and take things to the next level: help launch Harley into the June primary with a small contribution today.


Congresswoman Linda Sánchez