Campaign Updates

it's not lookin' good

Feb 28, 2019

Yesterday Michael Cohen told me that President Trump lied under oath.

We owe the American people more than a convenient story – we owe them the truth. With all of the lies and partisan spinning that has become so common, the truth can be hard to find – but we are getting closer.

Last night, I spoke with Don Lemon on CNN about the Oversight hearing.

Serving on the House Oversight Committee is a major point of pride. Government accountability is a key component of why I ran for office – and it’s never been so overdue.

My priority remains that members of Congress uphold our Constitutional obligations under Article 1. If there is actual evidence against this president, we will hold him accountable for his conduct.

We need to know what’s going on with the Trump Administration and the Trump Organization in multiple areas: whether it’s a violation of campaign finance laws, hush money, collusion, or worse.

Every elected official is accountable to you. I’m running a campaign that is by – and for – the people. Support my efforts for greater government accountability, chip in today and let’s continue this work through 2020.