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I trust science — and so should Trump

Aug 04, 2017

Science saves lives.

But now, with Donald Trump’s irresponsible and immoral proposed federal budget cuts, it’s our turn to save science.

Trump’s budget proposal slashes federal funding for disease prevention programs, scientific and medical research, and health insurance for children of the working poor. If he gets his way, both the CDC and National Institute of Health will lose almost one-fifth of their budget.

Without investments in science, we’re not only at greater risk for death and disease, we also miss out on the jobs of the future. Yet, the U.S. has invested so little in science we’ve dropped to 25th in science education, trailing countries who understand a better future means trusting in science.

Most politicians in Washington aren’t scientists or doctors. But instead of looking for ways to empower scientific experts to develop cures to chronic diseases that plague our communities, Republicans in Congress continue finding ways to limit them.

In Congress, I’ll trust scientists to do their best work by investing in their research and advocating for an increased focus on a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) curriculum in our education system.

If we trust science and renew our commitment to it, we can work together to prepare the next generation of scientists. That’s how we’ll build common sense for common ground, and protect the health, well-being, and safety of all Americans.