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"gunimals" ?

Jul 16, 2018

Today, if you google “Dana Rohrabacher” — these are the news articles you’re presented with:

How do you fall for this?

Apparently, Dana Rohrabacher will take a meeting with any foreign entity and anyone with radical beliefs about guns (perhaps that’s why his constituents can’t seem to reach him).

Without hesitation, he gave an interview on a topic he knew nothing about.

This isn’t how we want Orange County represented. Viewers across the country watched Dana embarrass himself. We’re done letting him try to pass off his ignorance as “values,” and his recklessness as “leadership.”

Chip in right now to elect the leadership Orange County deserves.

Worse still, what if this program had been real and not the product of Sacha Baron Cohen and Showtime? What if he took the steps to roll out a program to handguns to children? He cannot continue to threaten our community with disastrous policies built on partisan spite, deferences to foreign and special interests, and sheer stupidity.