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Fair share? Hardly.

Apr 17, 2018

This year, the wealthiest corporations and ultra-rich Trump cronies paid far less than their fair share of taxes thanks to the GOP’s disastrous tax plan.

The ultra-wealthy got massive tax breaks – at the expense of working families.

Experts project an astronomical national debt that could cripple the economy in Orange County and across America.

How are we going to pay for healthcare, Social Security, and Medicaid?

Taxes on Orange County homeowners are on the rise.

Wealthy members of Congress and their donors will get massive kickbacks. That’s corruption.

The American people deserve real leadership. Congress must look out for working families, people struggling to pay bills and put food on the table – not just millionaires and billionaires like Donald Trump.

To do that, we need to fire Dana Rohrabacher and take back Congress in 2018. Chip in now.

The path to taking back Congress goes right through Orange County. Dana Rohrabacher was named one of the most vulnerable Republicans in Congress. With your help, we can fire him and get America back on track.

Join our movement. Let’s win in 2018 and take back Congress. Donate today.