Campaign Updates


Apr 11, 2018

Paul Ryan led the Republican Party in targeting vulnerable populations by seizing on health care. He caved to corporate interests and promoted the sales of public land for development. He put public safety at risk nationwide while enjoying an “A” rating from the NRA.

We’re creating a Blue Wave of impassioned people to run against Paul Ryan’s extreme agenda.

Last month, students marched to his Wisconsin hometown to protest gun violence.

And now, Paul Ryan has announced he’s retiring from Congress.

This doesn’t mean our work gets easier. Ryan has been the Republican party’s most effective fundraiser in the House — and that won’t stop. He’s pledged to continue supporting for Republicans in the 2018 campaign. Republicans like Dana Rohrabacher.

If we’re going to defeat the corporate contributions he’s collecting and keep government in the hands of the people — we’re going to need to maintain our grassroots momentum.

Chip in today and say, “Good Riddance” to corporate control.

Let’s retire Rohrabacher next.