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Bad boyfriends

Oct 18, 2018

Federal law prohibits convicted domestic abusers from getting a gun. But only if the abuser is, or was, married to his or her victim.

Boyfriends can still buy and own guns. So can ex-boyfriends, girlfriends, and stalkers — even if they’ve been convicted of domestic violence.

The “boyfriend loophole” is a national disgrace.

(Both genders are capable of domestic violence but the “boyfriend loophole” label sticks because 70 percent of domestic violence deaths are women.)

A few states, including California, have enacted stricter laws that close the “boyfriend loophole.” But across most of the nation, abused victims are vulnerable to gaps in the federal law.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month. We must do more to end the domestic violence epidemic in our nation.

And we can start by closing the “boyfriend loophole” nationally. For the safety of women. Children. Parents. And men.