Campaign Updates

2018: retiring Rohrabacher

Jul 31, 2018

We are ready to take on Dana Rohrabacher all eyes are on Orange County because this race is winnable. Our grassroots momentum can combat big-dollar Dana Rohrabacher.

Pitch in before our end-of-month fundraising deadline.

We have to stop Dana Rohrabacher:

  • he fell for a Showtime prank endorsing training children to carry guns;
  • he endorsed discriminatory policies against LGBTQ+ community members;
  • he has applauded as Trump administration heartlessly tore children from their parents’ arms at the border;
  • he has ties so close to Vladimir Putin that his own party curtailed his power as chair of a Foreign Affairs subcommittee;
  • he voted against campaign finance reforms that would reveal who contributes big money to candidates;
  • he does not believe in climate change and supports offshore drilling.

The list just keeps growing. Dana, what are you doing?

Chip in today and help us retire Rohrabacher. Orange Country deserves better than big-dollar Dana Rohrabacher.