Harley Rouda for Congress

Why I’m Running

I firmly believe that we’re at a real watershed moment in our nation’s history. Plagued by partisan bickering, extremism and a politics first mentality, Washington is in desperate need of real, meaningful, and lasting change.

Our country and our people deserve better.

The relentless divisiveness, conflict, and finger pointing has to end. The time has come to embrace common sense for common ground.

That means we need elected officials who are ready to work together to serve their neighbors and their country, and have the energy and passion to deliver.

It is my goal to be a Congressional representative who is accessible and unifying. It is in this spirit that I ran for the 48th Congressional District of California in 2017, and with that same commitment, I ask for your continued support for our movement.

We need leadership that is willing to put country over party, and put service above self.

We need leadership that prioritizes forward-thinking, innovative, well-paying jobs like our growing clean tech industry.

We need leadership that believes in women’s rights, human rights, and liberties for all, and for all a better life.

We need leadership that trusts science, acts on climate change, demands that polluters clean up their mess, and advocates for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) education and a clean energy economy for our future.

We need leadership that supports public education for K through 12, and affordable access to higher education.

And we need leadership that is committed to bringing back our federal tax dollars and making our District the economic hallmark of our great country.

I’m working to bring much needed common sense, fiscal responsibility, and the social pragmatism our 48th District and our country deserves. Join me, you can make a difference.

Please, sign up and get involved! And if you are not registered to vote, don’t wait – do it right now.

We need you and our country needs you. Together, we can be the change we want to see.