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The Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition

A few weeks ago I joined the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition. Only a few days into Congress — we're already working for stronger environmental protections.

Join us. Sign the petition to tell Donald Trump: stop undermining scientists and the facts about climate change.

Countries across the globe are coming together to fight climate change — except for the United States. It's not only embarrassing — it's dangerous.

In their latest report, the Trump administration's own scientists have confirmed what we've known: climate change is caused by human activity.

However, the administration does nothing but try to bury its own report, while Trump himself denies basic climate facts, stacks the EPA with anti-science appointees, and attacks anyone who sounds the alarm bells.

Unless we take action, the earth's temperatures will rise dramatically by the year 2100, threatening the health and wealth of every American, especially our most vulnerable — children, seniors, and communities of color — and would devastate our planet.

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The American people deserve the truth and the world deserves action. Now.


Posted on January 6, 2019 in Campaign Updates.

Washington is in desperate need of real, meaningful, and lasting change.
Our country and our people deserve better.

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