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The real work is only beginning

Kaira and I have spent last few days in Washington, D.C. for new member orientation.

What an energizing experience. Our 116th Congress boasts an unprecedented number of women, diverse perspectives, and experience.

At home, our campaign has culminated in a historic victory. We couldn't have done any of this without you. You had my back, and I am honored and eager to represent our community.

Your grassroots support has fueled my campaign from the beginning. By the time we got to Election Day, we had over 5,000 volunteers.

After 30 years, Rohrabacher is out. But the real work is only just beginning.

We are overdue for action on climate change, a commitment to clean energy, and plans to improve infrastructure.

We need forward-thinking economic policies. That means a thriving, innovative, and balanced economy that is focused on creating the jobs of tomorrow. For California to continue being a global economic leader, we must provide high-quality education to our kids.

We need to work towards health care as a right, not a privilege.

We need common sense gun reform.

And as the list keeps going — we need you. It's time to come together for a better Orange County.

I'm in, are you?


Posted on November 19, 2018 in Campaign Updates.

Washington is in desperate need of real, meaningful, and lasting change.
Our country and our people deserve better.

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