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Self-absorbed at best

I'll talk to anybody who will listen about my concerns for Orange County under Dana Rohrabacher. That's why I wrote this op-ed.

Dana has a lockstep adherence to the Trump agenda — keeping him out of step with the residents he represents. Frankly, that's what makes him vulnerable in this election cycle.

Time and again, pundits, journalists, and scholars talk about Dana's vulnerability. From his insistence on putting Russian interests over those of American families; to his pugilistic pigheadedness on denying climate change — his views are self-absorbed at best, and sinister at worst.

But the reason Dana will be saying goodbye to his congressional seat next week has just as much to do with Dana as it does with the changing tide happening in CA-48.

As a first-time candidate, I've had the honor of speaking face-to-face with residents of CA-48 from Seal Beach to Laguna Niguel for more than a year now — and just about everyone has mentioned how distant Dana is from our values.

It's time to move forward. Help us finish our get-out-the-vote efforts strong: chip in today.

Four days, friends.


Posted on November 2, 2018 in Campaign Updates.

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