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Rep. Darrell Issa Endorsement = last minute Halloween Costume?

What are the chances I can get Harley into an "Elsa" costume for Halloween? Not great, but still better than the odds that Dana's SOS call to Rep. Darrell Issa will work.

What scary attack did Darrell Issa hack up with his endorsement of Dana?

Harley is a snowflake. Chilling.

I'll spare you the "avalanche" metaphors. We won't get that "Let it Go" song stuck in your head. We can skip the "it doesn't snow in Orange County" nonsense.

Because, frankly, that "critique" was boring. Darrell Issa is a hack.

What stood out? Darrell's line: "The job of a United States Congressman is to deliver leadership and results."

Dana must be haunted by that sentiment. 30 years of creeping around Congress, ghosting constituents, advocating for monstrous policies, and sinister dealings with special interests.

Trick or Treat: chip in right now and let's show Dana and Darrell the door.

The outlook is grim. Perhaps Darrell can help Dana one last time and suggest a moving company to pack up their offices in D.C.

Orange County is done with zombie-like representation: chip in right now and let's lift the curse.


Posted on October 31, 2018 in Campaign Updates.

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