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Liars don't belong on the Supreme Court

The arguments against Brett Kavanaugh keep piling up: from accusations, to op-eds by his inner circle.

But his own behavior speaks volumes.

We saw his performance in front of the Judiciary Committee last week. And lying under oath? Disqualifying.

Brett Kavanaugh has lied about his drinking.

About the meaning of entries in his yearbook.

About confidential emails surreptitiously obtained by President George W. Bush staffers from Democrats on the Judiciary Committee.

About his participation in memos on torture when he was staff secretary in the Bush White House.

And the latest?

In sworn testimony, Kavanaugh told the committee that he didn't know a Yale classmate had accused him of exposing himself to her during college until he read about it in the news. ...But according to text messages, Kavanaugh tried to persuade friends from college to refute her allegations before the story went public.

For a guy so committed to calendars, he isn't very good at tracking when things happen.

Brett Kavanaugh believes he is entitled to a seat on the Supreme Court. But he's not.

The American people are entitled to a Supreme Court with truthful Justices.


Posted on October 6, 2018 in Campaign Updates.

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