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Rohrabacher doubles down on offending history

Last year, Dana Rohrabacher made headlines for inviting Holocaust denier Charles C. Johnson to a meeting on Capitol Hill. Johnson is a far-right gadfly who claims the number of Jewish victims of the Holocaust was 250,000, not 6 million, and concentration camps and gas chambers never happened. He was banned from Twitter for threatening the life of Black Lives Matter leader Deray McKesson.

The Anti-Defamation League urged Dana to "discontinue any association with Johnson and repudiate his views."

So what did Dana do? He doubled down on his affiliation with a radical troll who insults the memory of millions of Jews who died at the hands of Nazis.

A few weeks ago, Dana attended a fundraiser right here in California's 48th with his buddy Charles C. Johnson. Then, he turned around and endorsed a local politician best known for trafficking in alt-right anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. Great company you're keeping, Dana.

Dana Rohrabacher cannot bring himself to repudiate a hateful Holocaust denier. Dana Rohrabacher has no business representing California in Congress.


Posted on September 23, 2018 in Campaign Updates.

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