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Enough baffling quotes to write a book

We've been writing to you about all the...wild...things Rep. Dana Rohrabacher has said. There's enough content there to write an entire book!

So we did.

I present to you: We Won't Get Fooled Again: 48 Baffling and Dangerous Quotes from Dana Rohrabacher.

This book is our gift to you for a donation of $48 or more.

We only have 500 copies, so between the limited number of books and the short amount of time Dana has left in office — these will be a collector's item.

We're pretty proud of our first published book, and we want to know how you plan on sharing your copy of We Won't Get Fooled Again. If you have press or social media ideas for the book, please send them to [email protected]!


Posted on September 22, 2018 in Campaign Updates.

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