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On Dana's endorsement of Ms. Larrea-Van Der Mark

Dana Rohrabacher's endorsement of Ms. Larrea-Van Der Mark as a candidate for Huntington Beach School Board is simply wrong. Dana's embrace of a school board candidate who professes bigoted ideas, who associates with white supremacists and anti-Semites, means Dana is embracing hate.

Let me be clear, Dana's choice to endorse bigotry, when hate crimes in the United States are on a perilous rise, goes far beyond the politics of any election.

For the public good, for the safety of all our citizens, bigotry and hatred must be confronted, disrupted and dismantled. That is the true work of a true patriot. It's dangerous when Dana labels white supremacists as patriots. Dangerous and against everything our country stands for in the world.

The voters of Orange County have a clear choice on November 6th to reject a failed Member of Congress whose endorsement of Ms. Larrea-Van Der Mark is the latest instance of his homophobic, bigoted and extreme views.

My campaign for Congress is a mission: to preserve, promote and expand the core values that make Orange County — that make America — great. And those core values begin with the immutable truth that our diversity as a nation guarantees our greatness as a nation. Our country is built on this definition of patriotism.

Dana Rohrabacher is a corrupted career politician who hasn't passed a bill in 14 years and has no problem trafficking in hate and ignorance.

Enough is enough. Dana Rohrabacher is unfit to lead. That's why I am running for Congress.


Posted on September 21, 2018 in Campaign Updates.

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