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federal funding to arm teachers

You know how I feel about guns. I've written to you time and time again, with the objective of making mass shootings, school shootings, firearm accidents, and gun violence a thing of the past.

Again today, we must band together for common-sense gun reform. In an unprecedented move, Donald Trump's Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos wants to allow school districts to buy guns with taxpayer dollars.

This isn't "gunimals."

This isn't an embarrassing spoof of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher.

This is a real policy proposal.

The gun lobby's push to arm teachers puts profits ahead of the safety of students and teachers and distracts from real gun safety reform. We can't allow their heartless, hazardous agenda to threaten our children's safety.

Guns have no place in schools.

Congress must pass comprehensive gun safety laws and block any moves to use federal funds to arm teachers.

Every day over 90 students, teachers, sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and co-workers are killed by gun violence. Enough.

We must do more to stop this national epidemic — sign the petition. Tell Congress: no money for guns in schools.

We need to enact common-sense reforms that will keep all Americans safe.


Posted on September 16, 2018 in Campaign Updates.

Washington is in desperate need of real, meaningful, and lasting change.
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