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No one is above the law

On Labor Day, when the president might have joined Americans in celebrating working families, Donald Trump golfed and sent angry tweets. He attacked a labor leader and chastised his own Justice Department for upholding laws that protect Americans.

Trump's fury was on full display in a mocking tweet that chastised Jeff Sessions for doing his job. The Attorney General's "offense"? Bringing charges against two Republican members of Congress, one for insider trading and one for misuse of campaign funds.

While I am no fan of Jeff Sessions, and think there are many reasons he should not be Attorney General, his refusal to pledge loyalty to the President over the constitution is not one of them

But President Trump and Dana Rohrabacher think that Jeff Sessions is disloyal and that the Attorney General should only serve the President's interests.

They are wrong. Constitutionally wrong.

The Attorney General's job is to independently serve the American people and the rule of law. Free from partisanship. Free from interference from elected officials.

It's an affront to law enforcement everywhere when Trump and Rohrabacher call for Jeff Sessions to resign for disloyalty.

With each abuse of power, we think maybe this will be the last straw and Congress will stand up to the President. But as long as we are represented by loyalists like Dana Rohrabacher, we'll never see that.

Help us take back Congress in November. The future depends on new leadership that will stand up to a White House that thinks it is above the law. Chip in now.


Posted on September 7, 2018 in Campaign Updates.

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